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About KuechleKuechle Underground, Inc. is a Minnesota based sewer and water company that specializes in new construction of streets and utilities, reconstruction of existing streets and utilities, and new utilities for residential, commercial, and industrial developments. Kuechle Underground is a union sewer and water contractor working towards a better tomorrow through comittment, excellence, and an aggressive work ethic.

Kuechle Underground is located in Kimball, MN. Kuechle Underground was founded by Jerome Kuechle and incorporated on February 22, 1995. KUI is a company with experienced employees who are highly skilled and are committed to honesty and integrity. KUI currently has 50 employees including: 4 estimators, 5 mainline sewer and waters crews, 1 street and excavation crew, and 1 punchlist and iron raising crew.

In February 2007, Kuechle Undergound moved into a new building on Highway 55 in Kimball. Our new address is:

10998 State Highway 55
P.O. Box 509
Kimball, MN 55353